Welcome to Blue Ridge Home Care

Breathe, Nourish, Move, Thrive – all qualities which help provide a meaningful life. Our goal is to provide a caring service which will allow our patients to enjoy life to its fullest potential.

Years ago, “house calls” were standard medical practice. We continue to support the idea that you should have the opportunity to benefit from the latest technology in medical equipment and care in your home. Our clinical protocols and patient teaching methods are designed with your needs in mind.

Blue Ridge Home Care has a strong committment to providing high quality care. This is reflected by the fact that we were the first home medical equipment company in WNC to be Joint Commission Accredited. As of 2014 we are now accredited through the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). Blue Ridge Home Care had maintained accreditation with The Joint Commission since 1986.

Blue Ridge Home Care Specializes in a wide array of products, ranging from home oxygen and sleep therapies, home infusion, nutrition supplements and home medical equipment. Blue Ridge Home Care has serviced Western North Carolina for over 20 years and has 6 locations serving 23 countiesBlue Ridge Home Care is partnered with American HomePatient, which is one of the larger home medical equipment providers with over 240 locations in 36 states.

Blue Ridge Home Cares mission is to provide service(s) which allows patients to remain in or return to their homes where surroundings enhance their security, recovery and provide an opportunity for their families to participate in their care and rehabilitation.